Canada Makes R&D Investment In Automotive Manufacturing Systems

Automotive growth vital to Canada's economic growth

The Canadian government wants to assist the automotive industry by contributing $6.1 million via a repayable investment, in a research and development project that will help to strengthen Canada's manufacturing capabilities. The $20.2 million project by Valiant Corp. of Windsor, Ontario, will reduce costs for vehicle manufacturers while improving their capabilities to respond quickly to market trends.

"The automotive industry is a critical engine for economic growth in Canada," said Jeff Watson, Member of Parliament for Essex, on behalf of the Honorable Maxime Bernier, Minister of Industry. "Canada's New Government encourages companies like Valiant to undertake R&D projects that allow them to be more efficient and innovative in the face of global competition."

This project will research and develop six technologies in advanced automotive manufacturing. It will focus primarily on the development of flexible automated production systems capable of more easily producing multiple vehicle models on a single production line. The benefits of this technology include a more efficient and cost-effective process, allowing auto manufacturers to react quickly as trends change in the marketplace according to a statement. The R&D activities will also include advancements in robotic cleaning and nozzle technologies that will help to reduce water and energy consumption, in addition to the development of ergonomically friendly conveyer systems.

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