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Paccar Inc.
Paccar's new Peterbilt 579 truck

Paccar Execs Adding to R&D Budget For '22

Oct. 26, 2021
Coming off several launches, the truck maker will spend less on capex next year.
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Strategic Planning & Execution

A Blueprint for Bringing in Outside R&D

Oct. 26, 2021
When do you need it? What should the selection process look like?
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Good Bad Idea
Strategic Planning & Execution

To Succeed, Innovative Ideas Must Overcome These ‘4 Frictions’

Sept. 24, 2021
Not enough time is spent considering the sticking points to potential customers adopting something new.
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Growth Strategies

Smaller Companies Have Much to Teach about Innovation

Aug. 16, 2021
Some smaller consumer-goods firms spend much less on R&D than the industry giants, but reap higher rewards.
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Technology and IIoT

White House Technology Czar Insists US Remains Tops in A.I.

Sept. 10, 2019
Michael Kratsios, of the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy, claims the United States has the edge on China on AI development.
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North American International Auto Show

AUTO SHOW: The NAIAS in Pictures

Jan. 18, 2018
The North American International Auto Show opens its doors to the public on Saturday. Here’s a sneak peek.
Ford Motor Company
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Companies & Executives

Ford’s Hot Rod SUV Shows Need for Speed Roars On

Jan. 11, 2018
The 2019 Ford Edge ST is ready to race, and if the idea of doing hot laps in the family hauler seems slightly absurd, well, welcome to the latest twist in the SUV craze.
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Corporate Finance & Tax

Manufacturers React to Congressional Passage of the Tax Bill

Dec. 21, 2017
Manufacturers will save about $261 billion over the next decade thanks to the new Tax Cuts and Jobs Act. On paper, that should lead to new investments — in equipment, in workforce...
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Emerging Technologies

Microsoft Takes Path Less Traveled to Build a Quantum Computer

Dec. 11, 2017
The company unveiled a new programming language and tools that help coders craft software for quantum computers, along with simulators that will let programmers test that software...