Seeking Near-Zero Downtime

Tong-Tai (Topper), a machine tool builder in Taiwan, is moving into the next phase of advanced machine development. The company has provided its vertical maching center (TMV850A) to the Intelligent Maintenance Systems Center (IMS) in Cincinnati for research purposes. The goal is to improve prognostics and reduce component degradation to achieve near-zero-downtime.

IMS is a National Science Foundation Industry/University Cooperative Research Center co-located at the University of Cincinnati and the University of Michigan. The center is known for its work in the areas of predictive monitoring and prognosis with the goal of reducing down time to near zero. Current company members that benefit from the center's research include: Rockwell Automation, Intel, Harley-Davidson, We Energies, General Motors, United Technologies, USPS, Hitachi and Tong-Tai.

For information on IMS visit

Tong-Tai Seiki USA Inc.

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