2023 IW U.S. 500: Top Semiconductor and Equipment Companies (slideshow)

Aug. 25, 2023
The manufacturers pushing the most silicon and leading U.S. reshoring efforts.

IndustryWeek sifted the technology company rankings from our IW US 500 list with a finer mesh this year. In 2022, some of the "box makers" - the companies that sell branded computers and hardware - occupied the same lists as the companies that manufacture the silicon which goes into said boxes. In 2023, we've broken the pure semiconductor and semiconductor equipment companies into their own category.

Why? The semiconductor industry took the spotlight last year, largely around Intel's fab construction announcements and legislation passed by Congress meant to encourage reshoring semiconductor manufacturing. It's arguably a half-measure for combating Taiwan's near-dominance in this manufacturing sector, as only high-end chip production has begun moving back to American shores, while the vast majority of silicon still hails from one tiny island that could be embroiled in conflict at any time, cutting off our supply of the low-end chips that power so much of the world's technology.

Still, it's a problem that's finally getting its due attention outside of the manufacturing world and thus an industry that needs its own, dedicated space on our IW US 500 lists. Here, then, are the top-earning semiconductor and semiconductor equipment companies from 2022.

(If you are wondering why a specific company might not appear on this list, please refer to our list of companies that were culled from our rankings owing to their not owning any plants and thus not actually manufacturing anything.)

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