Improved Sourcing Capabilities for Manufacturers unveils new global web platform, a global sourcing marketplace for manufacturers, on Nov. 18 announced significant advancements to its online platform that are designed to create additional competitive advantages for manufacturers and suppliers of custom parts, standard components, assemblies, custom apparel and textiles.

"This is a big step in our roadmap to provide competitive advantages to our customers in the highly fragmented manufacturing industry -- which is the world's largest and where supports more than 300 manufacturing categories globally," said Mitch Free, CEO.

Features and benefits include:

  • Support of widely spoken languages, specifically English, Chinese, Spanish, German, French, Italian and Portuguese
  • Multi-currency support, more than 50 including the U.S. dollar, Euro, British pound, Chinese RMB, Japanese yen, Indian rupee, Brazilian real and Russian ruble
  • Multi-line item RFQs, which allow items from the same manufacturing category to be grouped into a single RFQ and enable the receipt of seamless quotes
  • Parts and styles libraries for buyers to manage all their parts or styles in a central location, build a parts or styles database and create groups of either with flexible hierarchies including an existing bill-of-materials structure
  • Order monitoring via a personalized project-tracking dashboard
  • Messaging enhancements, such as the capability to collect all messages in one secure location, independent of the message source.
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