Manufacturers' Group is Taking to Air Waves to Oppose Energy Taxes

NAM says new taxes will cost jobs

As a part of its "Manufacturing Means Jobs!" campaign, the National Association of Manufacturers (NAM) launched on Sept. 8 a multi-state, multi-million-dollar advertising campaign opposing energy taxes.

This campaign comes days after the Obama Administrations announcement of a $50 billion infrastructure proposal that White House officials say could be offset by new taxes on the energy sector.

The goal of the campaign, says NAM, is to prompt Congress and the Administration to consider the big picture what it will take for businesses in the United States to succeed in the global marketplace.

"Our message to Congress is very clear," said NAM CEO John Engler. "At a time when unemployment remains over 9%, costly energy taxes will make our nation's economic situation worse by raising costs for businesses and consumers and hurting businesses ability to compete in a global marketplace. We are encouraging manufacturers, small businesses and the public to tell Congress to say yes to jobs and no to higher energy taxes."

The initial phase of the campaign will focus on the following states: Arkansas, Colorado, Indiana, Maine, Missouri, Nevada, Ohio, Virginia and West Virginia. The National Federation of Independent Business and several state manufacturing associations will join the campaign in many of the states.

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