Tech Scorecard: The Rich Keep Getting Richer

Two of the biggest names in BI have been acquired in recent weeks -- SAP picked up Business Objects and IBM acquired Cognos

The smart money in software companies lately has been on business intelligence. Two of the biggest names in BI have been acquired in recent weeks -- SAP picked up Business Objects for $6.8 billion, and then IBM Corp. followed suit by acquiring Cognos for $5 billion (Cognos, in fact, had just announced its acquisition of analytics solution provider Applix).

In March 2007, Oracle Corp. jump-started the BI shuffle through its purchase of Hyperion. Bruce Richardson, research director at AMR Research Inc., predicts that either MicroStrategy or Informatica could be the next BI firms to be acquired as the market cap for both companies is currently over $1 billion. Other possible acquisition targets include privately-held SAS Institute and Information Builders, according to Richardson.

The following scorecard highlights significant corporate moves in the supply chain technology sector since our last update in the September 2007 IW.

Company/Product Parent Company Transaction Type Technology
Applix Inc. Cognos acquisition analytics
BEA Systems Oracle Corp. acquisition offer (unsolicited) middleware
Business Objects SAP acquisition business intelligence
Catalyst International Inc. CDC Software acquisition warehouse management systems
CoCreate Software PTC acquisition product lifecycle management systems
Cognos IBM Corp. acquisition business intelligence
GE Fanuc GE Fanuc Intelligent platforms name change factory automation systems
Global Freight Exchange Descartes Systems Group acquisition electronic freight bookings
Hand Held Products Inc. Honeywell International acquisition automatic ID/data collection
Integrated Support Decision Corp. TMW Systems Inc. acquisition transportation decision support
Logistics Business Systems (LBS) PTC acquisition logistics support solutions
Maximum Data Solutions Inc. Accellos Inc. acquisition automated data collection
Printronix Inc. Vector Capital acquisition enterprise printing solutions
Procuri Inc. Ariba Inc. acquisition supply management
Seemage Dassault Systemes acquisition product documentation
YASU Technologies SAP acquisition business rules management

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