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Securing Your Digital Transformation Means Adding Layers

Nov. 3, 2020

An onion is the go-to analogy when describing a Defense in Depth approach to industrial cybersecurity.

Cut through one defense, and there’s another layer of protection. It’s no doubt a strong defensive posture, but it also gives ground to bad actors willing to passively observe your network before attempting to penetrate it.

Why not build a cybersecurity strategy that starts with some subterfuge and adds some offense to those many defensive layers?

Read more about the idea behind deception technology for cybersecurity...

James Gillespie is the co-founder and CEO of GrayMatter, a Pittsburgh-based technology company that provides consulting and implementation services to help industrial organizations transform their operations and empower their people. To learn more about deceptionGUARD, or to schedule a customized industrial cybersecurity briefing, visit and click the green “Schedule Me.”

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