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Business Briefs: Rail Strike Risk Resumes, Cummins Invests in Hydrogen

Oct. 11, 2022
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Freight Rail Union Rejects Labor Deal

Our partners at FleetOwner report that an issues that sounded resolved this summer is coming back. Employees from one of the nation’s rail unions have rejected a tentative contract meant to avoid a strike that could snarl supply chains.

The deal rejection won’t lead to an immediate strike. The soonest the union could stop showing up for work would be Nov. 19.

Diesel Powerhouse Cummins Building Hydrogen Electrolyzers

The company’s Fridley, Minnesota, plant will be its first to make proton exchange membrane hydrogen powerplants, EnergyTech reports. An alternative to batteries for electric power storage, the electrolyzers could support commercial vehicles in the future. While short-range commercial trucks can work as electric vehicles, limited battery capacity makes the technology a poor fit for long-haul vehicles.

Sani-Matic Inc. Named one of America’s Safest Companies

EHS Today and IndustryWeek editor Adrienne Selko explains why the automated cleaning equipment company won that magazine’s top safety award. Sani-Matic makes the cleaning equipment that many medical and pharmaceutical manufacturers needed to meet demand during the pandemic. So, it had to deal dramatic spikes in demand while keeping its own people safe.

Machine Tool Orders Halt Their Slide

American Machinist editors note that August sales of CNC machinery and other machine tools held steady, following months of declines. Though numbers are still down compared to August, 2021, stable order volumes mean that sales are up year to date.

Take Your Hand Off of That Thermostat!

Smart Buildings Technology notes that people are really bad at figuring out how to keep buildings at a safe, comfortable temperature. Advanced AI systems can tackle HVAC operation, lowering emissions and energy costs for building operators. Is it all because machines can ignore employees’ complaining that it’s too hot in here?

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