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Infrastructure Projects That Defy The Status Quo

Jan. 30, 2018
Projects include a major electrical transmission line bringing wind power to the middle of the country, and an underground pipeline transporting fresh water to the parched southwest.

American businesses, especially the resurgent manufacturing sector, need a modern and reliable transportation infrastructure—roads, bridges, highways, railways, waterways, pipes, airports and public transit—to move the people, resources, and products that make our economy grow. Add to that infrastructure water resources, energy distribution and broadband networks, and the breadth and depth of our infrastructure are breathtaking. And it's in need of repair.  While there have been a number of discussion and proposals about how to fix this issue there are in fact, a number of large-scale projects are quietly moving forward. 

A new report from Icons of Infrastructure discusses these projects which include:

--Southern states adding billions of dollars in tax revenue and more than a million jobs

--Traffic Relief Plan – reducing traffic and savings on congestion costs

--Zero-emissions HSR transpiration system committed to proving sustainability

To read the report click here. 

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