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Pharmaceutical Manufacturing’s Reshoring Problem

June 4, 2024
Why is the pharma industry hesitant to build a domestic supply chain?

“While the recent pitch for domestic manufacturing has hooked a diverse group of players — equipment suppliers, government, academic institutions, nonprofits, specialty manufacturers — global pharma companies have conspicuously kept their distance,” writes Pharma Manufacturing’s Chief Content Director Karen P. Langhauser.

A broad and generic approach to reshoring ignores the many nuances that make up pharma manufacturing supply chains. In addition, companies that do reshore are at risk of being left behind after initial funding is gone.

The intricacies and vulnerabilities of pharmaceutical supply chains have made domestic manufacturing an area of concern. Langhauser explores the largest barriers to pharma industry reshoring and what can reasonably be done to remedy them.

Learn more from the two-part series by IndustryWeek’s partner brand Pharma Manufacturing.

Part 1: Mining the reshoring rush: Targeting government spending

Part 2: Mining the reshoring rush: Sustaining efforts once infrastructure investments dry up

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