Malaysia Microchip Project Unveils Smallest RFID Microchip

March 19, 2007
Has built-in antenna.

The Malaysia Microchip Project (MM), started by the Malaysian government in 2004 in an effort to explore RFID technology, announced on March 11 it had developed the world's smallest RFID microchip containing a built-in antenna.

The microchip, which cost RM180 million (US$ 50million) to develop, utilizes Japanese technology and is the first of its kind with multi-band frequency, according to a statement released by the Project. The chip is so small that it can be imbedded on paper. Each microchip comes with its own serial number. The smallest version measures 0.7 millimeter by 0.7 millimeters, according to officials.

Malaysian Prime Minister, Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, said he expects the solutions and applications based on MM microchip will find uses in domestic and international applications. He cited medical products and compact discs as two areas that could utilize the new chip. The first commercial application will be for tagging and identifying original versions of movies on VCDs and DVDs as part of anti-counterfeiting efforts.

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