IBM Updates its RFID Solution for Pharmaceutical Market

Aug. 20, 2007
New ePedigree created for every drug passing through supply chain.

IBM announced last week that the new ePedigree feature on its WebSphere RFID Information Center (RFIDIC) will allow all participants in the drug supply chain, -- manufacturers, distributors, pharmacies and hospitals -- secure and on demand access to historical data on individual bottles or packages of medicine.

The electronic certificate of authenticity, known as electronic pedigree or ePedigree, allows trading partners the ability to authenticate pharmaceuticals.

IBM's RFIDIC is currently being used by AmerisourceBergen, a "big three" pharmaceutical distributor, in its Sacramento, Calif. location. In 2009, California's new regulations will go into effect which require using either RFID, 2D barcodes, or a combination of barcodes and RFID.

"IBM's approach to ePedigree is unique in that it enables ePedigree compliance without significant impact to the existing business processes and legacy IT systems," said Shay Reid, AmerisourceBergen, vice president, Integrated Solutions.

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