New Tag Embedding System For Smart Label Conversion

Feb. 16, 2007
New machine sat to convert 100 labels per minute.

The launch of the Infinity V1 RFID Tag and Inlay Embedding system by WorldLabel, a division of Singapore-based Innotech Resources Pte Ltd. will provide a way to convert RFID tags to be embedded into paper or film.

The new machine targets a variety of sectors, including supply chain, consumer packaging and pharmaceuticals.

The machine's output is at least 100 labels per minute, according to the company.

During the converting process the Infinity V1 is able to inspect and then embed only readable RFID tags from the inlay reel onto the liner in the RFID conversion process. Rejected RFID tags will be reeled up instead of dispensing onto the liner.

"We will still continue converting RFID Labels but decided to introduce the Infinity because of market demand and factors. We received some inquires for our proprietary technology to be transferred to several converters. We realized that the market in many cases is moving towards specialty applications, not just the standard run 4 x 6" labels," said Mr. Alex Choong, president of Worldlabel Asia.

"Because of this, the need for the label converter to be versatile in producing all types of RFID labels is critical and being close to the system integrator and end user is becoming a necessity to move RFID adoption even further," added Choong. "We are very excited as this opens up the field and gives the opportunity for label converters everywhere to quickly facilitate the special RFID label needs of each end user."

The machine will be produced in Singapore and the current lead-time is approximately 12 weeks.

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