Supply Chain Roadshow In Vietman

March 6, 2008
The Global Supply Chain Council will hold the first Supply Chain Roadshow in Ho Chi Minh city on March 15-19.

To coincide with the launch of the Council in Vietnam and a new web portal specifically dedicated to supply chain management in the Greater Mekong area, the Global Supply Chain Council is organizing the "Supply Chain Roadshow & Member Delegation to Vietnam" (Ho Chi Minh City, on March 15-19, 2008.)

The program will provide an opportunity for an edu-tourism experience for senior executives who are interested in learning some of key lessons from the Vietnamese market. The tour will include presentations, discussions and visits to the most interesting facilities in Ho Chi Minh. Participants will have the chance to learn the latest about Vietnam supply chain and logistics, visit key manufacturing, logistics and retail facilities and formats and gain experience from local and foreign companies already operating in Vietnam.

"Many China-based executives are wondering how supply chain management in Vietnam will impact their business," said Max Henry, Founder & Executive Director of the Global Supply Chain Council. "There are a lot of questions about SCM, and this Roadshow is designed to provide specific answers to all their questions."

The Global Supply Chain Council is a fast community reaching more than 60,000 professionals in high-growth markets like China, India and Vietnam. As a neutral and independent professional organization, the Council's mission is to stimulate the understanding, adoption and use of supply chain management by providing, among others, magazine, directory, newsletters, seminars, workgroups, conferences, resources and other information.

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