Supply Chain Top 25 Companies Achieve 17.89% Return

Jan. 10, 2008
Dow Jones' return rate was 6.43%

AMR Research looked at the market performance of its Supply Chain Top 25 and reported that these outperformed the market by a wide margin. The average total return of the Top 25 portfolio for 2007 is 17.89%, compared with returns of 6.43% for the Dow Jones Industrial Average and 3.53% for the S&P 500.

The Top 25 list created by AMR Research is comprised of large manufacturers and retailers that display "superior supply chain performance, capabilities and leadership. These are the companies that are furthest along in achieving the ideal of a highly coordinated, demand-driven network that delivers shareholder and community value," explains analysts Debra Hofman and Kevin O'Marah.

The analysis takes basic public data as a foundation -- return on assets, inventory turns and growth --and layers on top of it expert and peer assessments of the future leadership potential of each company.

Nokia, Apple and Proctor & Gamble, the top three companies on the list, had price changes of 93%, 133%, 17% respectively.

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