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Bookshelf: Selecting Warehouse Software from WMS and ERP Providers, Expanded Edition

Feb. 9, 2008
Philip Obal, Industrial Data & Information Inc., 2007, 209 pages, 2007, $125

Being successful in evaluating, selecting and implementing new warehousing software is the focus of Obal's efforts in his expanded second edition. Content has grown over 30%. In addition to many new topics and updated material, a dedicated chapter on "Implementation of New Software" has been added. New material occupies every chapter. Examples include volumetrics, dimensioning and software functionality levels with RFID.

Overall, Obal directs his efforts on what base functionality to expect, common software differences, functionality deficiencies, comparative analysis of WMS (warehouse management systems) vs. ERP, project success tips, request for proposal building, how to score card the RFP results, site visit tips, headquarter visit tips, vendor negotiation issues (plus advice), software selection process and implementation.

The publisher is a research consulting company that assists companies in selecting and implementing software solutions.

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