Supply Chain Solutions

April 16, 2008
A look at new product releases that will improve your supply chain.

Management Dynamics Inc. has enhanced its Global Trade Management (GTM) Suite to support the "10+2" Rule, proposed by U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP). This rule will require 10 sets of data from importers 24 hours prior to container loading for vessel departure and two sets of data from ocean carriers no later than 48 hours after vessel departure, as a means to improve the high-risk targeting of inbound containers for protecting U.S. borders from terrorist attacks. GTM Suite will extend import business processes to suppliers, forwarders and brokers, and provide the information backbone to collect, organize and report the key data elements in support of the new 10+2 ruling.

Ultra Logistics Inc. has launched a new version of UltraShipTMS that allows shippers to manage the domestic and international air freight tendering process in real-time. UltraShipTMS is a transportation management system that provides supply chain network visibility and control over inbound and outbound transportation. The new air freight feature allows users to inform partners about shipment opportunities over a private network with one click. Carriers can submit competitive bids on loads.

Multi-Enterprise Demand Sensing (MDS), a demand sensing and inventory optimization solution from Terra Technology, incorporates demand signals from throughout the supply chain including point-of-sale data, channel inventory and retailer forecasts. It applies signal detection and pattern recognition techniques to daily streams of data to create more accurate end-to-end planning.

The Optimized Configuration Solution for demand-driven supply chain design from ModusLink Corp. is designed to help companies determine the best time and place in the supply chain to perform the complete range of activities required to optimize assembly, configuration and/or packaging of generic base products or components into a market-ready state. It provides the option of using design and modeling software tools to expedite the analytical process and ensure more granular and precise evaluation of large amounts of critical data and operating variables. These tools also perform simulation and testing to predict how well the suggested network design will perform in real-world environments.

The Constrained Parts Finder solution from New Momentum is designed for companies that make or use electronic components in their products. It provides visibility into the global, open market for electronic parts. To find strategic parts that have become constrained, a company inputs the specific part numbers. These part numbers are then matched with worldwide parametric data and gathered in the New Momentum database to show availability of parts. The information the user receives includes seller, geographic location, price, quantity, alternatives and compliance status.

FlexNet for Packaging Manufacturers is a manufacturing execution system from Apriso with a set of preconfigured, best-practice business processes for manufacturers of flexible, folding, paper, PET, metal and glass packaging. By integrating the automation layer with enterprise applications, FlexNet creates a collaborative environment for distributed operations to better maintain quality, remove waste and achieve sustainable operations within production, quality, warehouse, maintenance, and time and labor processes.

VoiceLink 3.0 WCS (Warehouse Control System) from Vocollect Inc. has received certified integration status from enterprise software provider SAP. The combined solutions help connect automated warehouse systems, such as warehouse control units, to the warehouse management system. The integration of VoiceLink 3.0 WCS with SAP solutions provides users with the ability to use voice applications while maintaining access to their existing functionality.

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