China's Big Build Out: Best Bets For U.S. Suppliers

April 13, 2006
China will invest nearly $2 trillion during the next 30 years.

As part of its big infrastructure build-out, China, by one estimate will invest nearly US$2 trillion during the next 30 years in electricity generation, transmission and distribution. The "most competitive" products and services for U.S. companies, advises a commercial guide to China from the U.S. Commerce and State Departments, are in advanced thermal power generation, clean coal technology, alternative power supplies, power dispatching systems, telecommunications equipment for the power industry, management software, and ultra-high voltage transmission equipment and management systems.

Here are some other best bets for U.S. suppliers:

Air Traffic Management: radar systems and other airborne and ground support equipment.

Construction: self-propelled bulldozers, angle dozers, levelers, scrapers, mechanical shovels, excavators, shovel loaders, tramping machines and road rollers.

Port/Sea Transportation: vessel traffic management information systems, laser-docking systems, terminal tractors, dredging equipment and security equipment.

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China's Big Build Out
Telecommunications: 3G telecom hardware and services; database software, interoperability consoles and data management systems for local integrated emergency responding systems.

Water/Wastewater Treatment: Water saving technologies and equipment, membrane separation and manufacturing technologies and equipment, high-concentration organic wastewater treatment technology and equipment, and monitoring instruments.

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