RFID Now Tracks The Data

March 5, 2007
Technology is tool in protecting sensitive data.

With sensitive data especially vulnerable these days, the new DataGuard Tape Tracking System might let manufacturers rest a little easier. Made by Oakdale, Minn.-based Imation Corp., the system uses RFID-enabled labels affixed to each tape cartridge. The cartridge is actually "checked in" and checked out" through entry and exit workstations, according to the company.

"The essential role of tape in the data center hasn't changed, but what has changed is the increasing pressure on data center managers, for reasons of compliance and governance, to be able to locate and retrieve data quickly," said James Milligan, general manager, commercial/OEM division, Imation. "Today's more stringent information security and financial compliance laws, as well as audit requirements, are driving organizations to examine their processes for managing these assets. In some cases, organizations are required to publicly disclose data loss or theft which often results in negative exposure."

Additionally, disaster recover preparedness is a high priority for IT, said Dianne McAdam, director of enterprise information assurance, The Clipper Group.

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