PRM Providers

Dec. 21, 2004
Software vendors provide a wide range of tools.

The partner-relationship-management (PRM) market of application and service providers also is known as enterprise-channel management, team commerce, demand-chain networks, or collaborative commerce. The following are sources of PRM tools. Pure-Play PRM Providers These vendors, which concentrate on PRM applications, tend to focus on high-tech and communications companies. Allegis Corp. -- ChannelWave Software Inc. -- Onyx Software Corp. -- Partnerware Inc. -- Webridge Inc. -- Channel Automation or E-Commerce Vendors These firms are most active in providing manufacturing software. Click Commerce Inc. -- Comergent Technologies Inc. -- InfoNow Corp. -- Customer-Relationship-Management Providers These CRM vendors also provide PRM solutions. Interact Commerce Corp. -- Pivotal Corp. -- Siebel Systems Inc. -- Selected Markets These companies focus on specific functional areas. Content Management BroadVision Inc. -- Conjoin Inc. -- CoVia Technologies Inc. -- Crystal Decisions -- Eprise Corp. -- Promptu Corp. -- Vignette Corp. -- Community-Management Services -- Lead Management MarketSoft Corp. -- Print-Based Marketing Materials Elateral Corp. -- Saepio Technologies Inc. -- Web Conferencing PlaceWare Inc. --

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