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Nov. 6, 2008
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Supply Chain

Compliance Label Manager (CLM) Pro from ClearOrbit is a barcode and RFID printing management solution that helps users design and print labels to meet both internal and customer labeling requirements. It enables companies to become fully compliant with ever-changing customer and regulatory labeling requirements, while increasing labeling and shipment accuracy, improving customer responsiveness, reducing costs associated with updating label formats, and avoiding maintenance and costly customizations. ClearOrbit CLM Pro, which consists of a print server and label design studio, designs labels that meet strict labeling guidelines and then stores the most up-to-date labels where they can be accessed by users both inside and outside the organization.

The GXS Service Parts Visibility e-commerce solution is designed to help manufacturing companies gain real-time visibility into their spare parts shipments around the world. GXS Service Parts Visibility is designed for companies in the high-tech, automotive, aerospace and industrial manufacturing sectors that require real-time visibility into the movement of parts shipments around the world, including ocean-based carriers. GXS Service Parts Visibility Solution is hosted on GXS Trading Grid, a global B2B integration services platform, which features preconfigured connections to many of the world's leading freight and transportation providers. The solution features a shared, Web browser view of service parts-related logistics information, including cross-border, multi-modal and distribution data that can help improve a company's supply chain performance.

JDA Transportation & Logistics Management v7.5 is a software solution suite from JDA Software Group Inc. designed to provide integrated enterprise transportation planning optimization and execution, including global optimization and visibility, shipment execution, contract administration, freight audit and payment, and performance management. The solution is designed to help companies more effectively manage the complexities of a global, multi-modal network -- from strategic transportation sourcing, planning and optimization, through shipment visibility and performance analysis. The solution automates transportation and logistics processes to help lower freight costs, increase productivity, and maximize asset utilization, while maintaining delivery schedules and high levels of customer service.

The ILOG Plant PowerOps (PPO) 3.1 integrated planning and scheduling solution now features support for dynamic safety stocks. This capability can help companies both reduce inventories and improve service. PPO 3.1, part of ILOG's LogicTools suite of supply chain applications, includes a global optimization capability that can plan production by taking into account service level targets and demand variability. It also provides new plant design and process design capabilities that enable both industrial engineers and production planners to collaborate on decision-making for plant profitability.

Business Intelligence

The BusinessObjects Predictive Workbench offers data mining and predictive analytics integrated with BusinessObjects XI 3.0, a unified business intelligence platform. Predictive Workbench enables users to identify patterns in historical business data and the variables that drive relevant business trends. Decision makers can use this information to extrapolate future scenarios and work proactively in anticipation of market changes. The predictive models can help companies achieve specific business goals, such as maximizing marketing efforts, designing optimal pricing plans, improving operational efficiencies and gaining agility and competitive differentiation.

Manhattan Associates Inc. has released Manhattan Supply Chain Intelligence (SCI) for the Distribution Management and Transportation Lifecycle Management suites within the Manhattan SCOPE (Supply Chain Optimization Planning through Execution) portfolio. Manhattan SCI enables complete, consistent and integrated business intelligence for companies by providing at-a-glance insight into supply chain performance. Manhattan SCI provides hundreds of measures, key performance indicators (KPIs) and analysis dimensions that enable companies to gain insight into trends in the supply chain as they happen and make both short and long-term decisions based on that information. IBM Cognos 8 Business Intelligence capabilities are embedded into SCI.

Enterprise Asset Management

BlueCielo ECM Solutions has released InnoCielo Asset Management Module 2008, which features upgraded version support for InnoCielo Meridian Enterprise and Maximo, enabling users to expand their engineering content management solution into a full Asset Information Management system. The InnoCielo Asset Management Module connects enterprise asset management (EAM) environments like Datastream, FAMIS, Maximo, SAP PM and Ultimo to InnoCielo Meridian Enterprise. The module manages all technical assets such as pumps, vessels, process lines and so on, as well as the relationship with their relevant technical documents. For example, when a work order for a pump needs to be created, the relevant technical documentation is immediately available to operations personnel based on the asset number of the pump.

Infor has introduced a subscription-priced software-as-a-service (SaaS) option for Infor EAM Business Edition, an enterprise asset management (EAM) solution designed for small and mid-sized businesses with one or more sites. Infor EAM Business Edition manages several essential business functions within a single web-based solution, and helps reduce asset downtime by ensuring equipment is properly and regularly maintained. It provides businesses with advanced functionality in work management, materials and inventory management, and preventative maintenance as well as mobile capabilities. The solution grows with the customer, extending the life of the IT investment.

Warehouse Management

Dematic has released its Director IT suite of software, an integrated, modular and scalable suite of software and controls for managing and optimizing material and information flow in the warehouse, production, or distribution center. Seamless integration to upper-level warehouse management systems and ERP systems provides strategic control over the entire warehouse. The Dematic Director IT suite consists of Sort Director, Pick Director, Staging Director, System Manager and Performance Manager. Performance Manager is a business intelligence tool which records and report on operational KPIs and displays them in a user configurable graphical dashboard, allowing managers to make strategic operational decisions. The entire Director suite is integrated using shared common components and accessible using a web-based browser and a single login.

RedPrairie Corp. has enhanced its E²e supply chain execution solution suite with new and upgraded capabilities for better flow of goods, tighter integration between warehouse and transportation management solutions, advanced recall and quality assurance capabilities, and new parcel manifesting functionality. Planning and synchronization of the movement of goods is shared between RedPrairie's warehouse management system (WMS) and transportation management system (TMS) applications. The TMS can plan the sequence in which distribution orders are fulfilled by the WMS based on the most economical shipment plan meeting customer service requirements. The store shipment schedule is used by TMS to optimize routes and ensure that customer delivery agreements are met. The RedPrairie Collaboration Portal is used by carriers and suppliers to coordinate appointment scheduling within the WMS and TMS.

Workforce Management

Service Suite 8.1 from Ventyx Inc. is an enterprise mobile workforce management system that offers enhancements for clients constructing and maintaining transmission and distribution (T&D) assets, managing critical service outages, scheduling crews for complex multistep projects and other growing needs for supporting mobile workers in utilities, telecommunications/broadband and other demanding asset-intensive industries. Service Suite manages all types of field work including service, maintenance, inspection, repair, trouble/outage and construction. Release 8.1 enables improved communication and more efficient scheduling of mobile workers in the field. It adds key functionality with greater support for mobile personnel performing in-the-field construction, maintenance and inspection, and customer service.

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