Inventories of steel products declined 9.6% at U.S. service centers from May to June, a much faster rate of sell-off than at Canadian centers (2.5%.) Aluminum inventories fell 2.9% in the U.S. and 3.2% in Canada, from May to June.

At Midyear, Service Centers Shipments Declining

July 25, 2013
U.S. steel shipments, -8.5% Canadian steel shipments, -11.9% U.S. aluminum shipments, -7.9% Canadian aluminum shipments, -11.0%

Metals service centers across North America reported declining shipments for steel and aluminum during June, with rates comparable to the May results. The information is found in the Monthly Activity Report published by the Metals Service Center Institute, based on data for deliveries of steel and aluminum supplied by participating service centers in the U.S. and Canada.

U.S. metals service center’s steel shipments decreased 8.5% from May to June, falling to 3,347,100 tons.

The U.S. centers’ daily shipping rate actually increased slightly during June, up to 167.4 tons/day from 166.3 tons/day for May.

The latest figure is a 4.7% decline from the June 2012 result, and the six months’ total for 2013 brings year-to-date steel shipments to 21,073,400 tons, a -4.6% decline from the January-June 2012 total.

U.S. service centers’ steel products inventories decreased 9.6% from May to June, and 11.9% from June 2012 inventories. At the current shipping rate, MSCI estimated, their inventory of 7,947,100 tons represents a 2.4-month supply of steel. That would be decrease of 7.6% versus the June 2012 inventory level. 

Canadian service centers shipped 453,700 tons of steel products during June, a decrease of 11.9% from May shipments. The daily shipping rate slipped to 22.7 tons/day from 23.4 tons/day during the previous month.

The June 2013 totals represent a 14.6% drop in shipments versus June 2012 results, and the year-to-date volume now stands at 2,951,800 tons – a 10.6% decrease from the six-month total for 2012.

Canadian centers’ steel product inventories are reported to be 1,484,700 tons, a decrease of 2.5% from May, and a decrease of 7.4% from June 2012 levels. At the current shipping rate, the service centers are carrying a 3.3-month inventory of steel products.

In June, U.S. service centers shipped 121,900 tons of aluminum products, a decrease of 7.9% from May’s total, and 5.4% from the June 2012 results. The daily shipping rate rose slightly, from 6.0% in May to 6.1% in June, and the current year-to-date shipments of 739,000 tons are a 6.8% decline from the six-month total for 2012.

Inventories of aluminum products at U.S. service centers fell 2.9% from May to June. The current inventory volume is down 2.7% from the June 2012 level, and MSCI estimated the centers are carrying a 3.0 months supply for their current delivery rates.

Aluminum shipments from Canadian centers fell 11.0% from May to June, falling to 12,900 tons. The shipment volume is down 4.8% from the June 2012 shipment total.

The daily shipping rate fell from 0.7 in May to 0.6 ton/day in June. The daily shipping rate is even versus the June 2012 result.

The year-to-date aluminum shipments now stand at 79.9 tons, a decline of 4.2% versus the six-month total for 2012.

Canadian centers’ aluminum inventories fell from 3.2% from May to June, and are down 1.9% from June 2012.

At the current shipping rate, MSCI estimated the Canadian service centers have a 2.8 month supply of aluminum in stock, representing an increase of 3.0% from a year ago.

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