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General Mills Offers Plant Employment to Corporate Employees

General Mills Offers Plant Employment to Corporate Employees

April 1, 2020
The company also increases production worker pay.

General Mills, on April 1, announced steps it was taking to support its workforce, and the communities in which it operates,  during  COVID-19.

 “Our company’s purpose is to make food the world loves," said Jeff Harmening, CEO said in a statement. "But the unique circumstances of today call on General Mills to make food the world needs."

“Our most important objectives are the continued health and safety of our employees and our ongoing ability to serve our consumers around the world," Harmening added. “We see it as imperative that we help ensure a steady and reliable food supply for people and pets.”

To ensure that production continues during this pandemic, the company offered healthy office employees work, on a temporary basis, in the company’s manufacturing facilities.

For current plant-essential workers, the company is offering a daily bonus. The bonus will be given for a minimum of four weeks and will be evaluated after that time  period. 

For employees who are either voluntarily quarantined or are mandated by state law, two weeks of paid leave is available. Other circumstances that qualify for two weeks of paid leave include school closure for a child, medical risk, and suspended work as a result of COVID-19.

Additionally, at several locations, the company will provide childcare consultations with employees to address childcare concerns, including flexible work schedules.

Community Support

The company is also donating $ 5 million in charitable gifts to “ensure the most vulnerable children have access to meals amid school and community program closures.”

These gifts include grants that have been given globally to increase food bank capacity in response to COVID-19

“These grants will help expand food access and lend added support for many of our communities around the world,” says Mary Jane Melendez, president of the General Mills Foundation.

And to support local efforts the company has increased its charitable gift matching program, for employees who participate in this program, to a total of $1,500 this year.

Furthermore,  employees have created an internal program to encourage all global employees, which number 35,000, to take “take small, local, safe actions to help others during the pandemic.”

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