Manufacturing Better, Stronger and Faster

July 11, 2008
One key to success is operational effectiveness that allows a company to quickly scale their business to meet market opportunitites without having to add manpower.

Remember Steve Austin, TV's "Six Million Dollar Man," whose shattered limbs were replaced by bionic components? Consulting firm EntryPoint asserts that a bionic business is "the optimal combination of people and IT to produce a better result than either can alone." The backbone of a bionic business, according to EntryPoint, is operational effectiveness, allowing manufacturing companies to quickly scale their business and react to market opportunities without having to add manpower.

To assess your company's strengths, EntryPoint recommends you ask these six questions:

  1. What are your most important assets and do your technology investments reflect the importance of them to the business?
  2. Are you building a culture of innovation supported by technology to operationalize the creativity that is born from your efforts?
  3. Are you building strong supplier relationships fostered by technology to create a sustainable competitive network?
  4. Do your systems maximize attracting, developing and deploying your people?
  5. Do your technology investments reflect your stated focus of growing, nurturing or servicing your customer base?
  6. Can your systems help identify your operational weaknesses?

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