Are You Losing Sleep Over Work?

March 9, 2018
Almost 44% of employees are awake at night worrying about their workloads, a strained coworker relationship or a boss who is a nightmare.

If you thought you were the only one losing sleep over work, it turns out that's not the case. Almost 44% of employees often lose sleep over work according to a new survey from Accountemps.

The variety of reasons for tossing at night is interesting.  While worrying over an overwhelming workload is common, it seems people are also very concerned over a strained relationship with a coworker  And of the course, the old standby, a looming business problem, is on the list.

Other reasons include worry over losing a job and a boss that is a “nightmare.”

When looking at trends by region, it turns out that professionals in Cleveland, Philadelphia and Minneapolis have the highest percentage of respondents who said they never miss out on rest.

However, they are sleepless in Miami, Nashville and New York.

It turns out that the younger sector (18-34)  is more apt to lose sleep,  57%, compared to those 35-54 (45%). And those over 55 have learned better with only 29% walking the halls at night.  

All of this loss of sleep can’t bode well for business productivity.

"Employee stress can lead to lower job satisfaction and engagement and higher turnover,” says Michael Steinitz, executive director of Accountemps. “Managers can support their teams by maintaining open lines of communication and planning regular check-ins to discuss workload and other worries."

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