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PODCAST: Beyond Prototyping–3D Printing at Scale with Carbon

Dec. 14, 2020
How leading global manufacturers are going from prototype to production on a single printing platform with little to no risk.

In this episode of Industrial Evolution...

Jon Bruner, head of enterprise strategy for San Francisco-based Carbon, explores how Carbon’s industrial-scale 3D printers are enabling product engineers to go all the way from prototyping to high volume production on the same machines, a capability the industrial world has been waiting for since the introduction of hobbyist 3D printers over a decade ago.

Jon reveals the material advancements, artificial intelligence, and innovative business model that make Carbon's story possible... and how manufacturers can introduce production-grade 3D printing into their lines without the usual risk of investment in capital equipment.

We also geek out on some incredible real-world use cases that Carbon has made possible for some of the world's most beloved brands—including crazy new shoes from Adidas, a space-aged bicycle seat from Specialized, and Riddell's new football helmet designed by AI to perfectly fit each individual player.

This is the future of additive manufacturing, with impossibly complex parts now routinely designed and produced on a single 3D printing platform that scales with you as needed.

Duration: 54 minutes

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