Robots Can Elevate Human Role in Manufacturing Says US Agency

May 8, 2018
The Advanced Robotics for Manufacturing Institute is preparing the workforce to adapt to a 4.0 mindset and work collaboratively with robotic solutions.

Manufacturing in the U.S will build on its current strength by using “technology to empower American potential and ingenuity," according to the Advanced Robotics for Manufacturing (ARM).

The institute, which is a member of Manufacturing USA, a network of regional institutes, looks to robotics to bring about the change. Robotics can “elevate, not eliminate the human roles in manufacturing,” ARM says.

The group’s mission is to help train the future workforce for the high-value careers will determine the future of manufacturing. And it focuses on lowering the economic, technical, and operational barriers that companies experience in trying to adopt robotic technology.

In the workforce area, it is creating programs to prepare the workforce to work in an Industry 4.0 mindset, collaboratively with robotic solutions in a safe, high-satisfaction environment. Depending on the project, the group impact students at every education stage, from students and young adults to displaced workers.

To achieve the group has created specific goals.

--Build ARM’s Educational Partner Network to promote broader participation in certification and educational programs.

--Inform, educate and support SMEs through our expanding network of industries involved in education and workforce development programs.

--Train, certify and offer internships to students and educators.

--Address diversity through research-based STEM and industry-recognized ARM certifications.

And to meet these goals the group realizes that it must overcome challenges such as negative perceptions about careers in manufacturing as well as regional skills gaps.

For more information on its workforce efforts visit ARM.

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