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Women in Manufacturing and the Role Models who Inspire Them

In honor of Rosie the Riveter Day, we asked several influential women in manufacturing to tell us their who inspired them.

UPDATE: Due to inclement weather, the Manufacturing Meetup is rescheduled for April 5. For more details, visit HERE.

To commemorate Women’s History Month and National Rosie the Riveter Day on April 5, 2018, from 6-9pm, the Manufacturing Meetup, sponsored by Tulip and in partnership with Formlabs, IDC, MIT and Greentown Labs, are hosting an event with a panel of powerful women in manufacturing to discuss female participation and leadership in the industry.

While this event focuses on women in the industry, all are encouraged to attend.

“We’re organizing the event to celebrate Women in Manufacturing and inspire younger generations to enter the industry but also to help all manufacturing leaders increase diversity in manufacturing,” said Saul Lustgarten, head of marketing at Tulip. “According to one study, 80% of manufacturers still approach diversity in an ad hoc manner. But considering the 2 million skilled worker shortage projected over the next 10 years, manufacturers who embrace diversity as part of their culture and strategy will have a definite competitive advantage.”


Getty Images

Getty Images

Rosie the Riveter represented all the women on the home front who took over manufacturing jobs to keep America outproducing its Axis enemies.

The event will also honor local “Rosies” from the Massachusetts chapter of the American Rosie the Riveter Association for their contributions to the United States during World War II and will have a networking session. Like all Manufacturing Meetup Events, it will be free, open to the public and will include complimentary refreshments and snacks (you can still RSVP here).

We asked the panelists attending to share  a few words about a female STEM role model of theirs as well as what they are excited to discuss at the event. Click the slideshow to begin.

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