Mexican Trucking Deal Will Boost Exports Says Industry Group

March 4, 2011
NAM sees bill as creating more jobs

The National Association of Manufacturers believes that the agreement reached between the U.S. and Mexico which ends an 20-year ban on Mexican trucks crossing the U.S. border brings the "U.S. back into compliance with our commitments. We hope this dispute will be resolved and the tariffs lifted."

"Over the last two years, exports of U.S. manufactured goods to Mexico have been hit by retaliatory tariffs put in place because the United States refused to comply with legal commitments made as part of NAFTA," said Aric Newhouse, senior vice president for Policy and Government Relations, NAM. "As a result, American manufacturers have lost market share to other nations, and billions of dollars of U.S. exports to Mexico and tens of thousands of manufacturing jobs have been negatively impacted."

The group said the agreement will help eliminate costly tariffs and create jobs.

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