EU Encourges Members To Invest In Intelligent Manufacturing Systems

April 19, 2007
Group facilitiates international collaboration for advanced manufacturing.

EU member states have given the green light to the agreement on research and development activities in the field of intelligent manufacturing systems (IMS). The decision was adopted at a recent meeting of the Transport, Telecommunications and Energy Council as reported on April 19 by

The Intelligent Manufacturing Systems Initiative states its mission as encouraging the formation of international research consortia to address industrial manufacturing and organizational challenges in the 21st century. It offers broad-based technology trials and benchmarking, involving a world-wide R&D community, ensuring general applicability of the technology developed and providing a better understanding of global markets through improved market intelligence.

Countires participating include: the EU, U.S. Australia, Canada, Norway, South Korea, Japan and Switzerland.

As intellectual property rights are always a concern, this IMS offers a proven and efficient framework for the protection of these rights.

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