Procter & Gamble

P&G Announces Sustainability Expansion for a Water Positive Future

June 9, 2022
"For years we have been focused on reducing water use in our operations and innovating to help consumers use less water in the home, but there is much more we can all do,” said Jon Moeller, P&G president and chief executive officer.

Procter & Gamble today announced a new environmental sustainability strategy to address the global water crisis. The effort is to make more water available in water-stressed areas, and the strategy includes a global portfolio of water restoration projects.

“Together with our partners, we are expanding our efforts that will improve, manage and protect water resources in stressed areas that will help sustain people and nature for generations to come,” said Jon Moeller, P&G President and Chief Executive Officer.

P&G has added two new goals regarding the making and use of their products: restoring more water than is consumed at their manufacturing sites in 18 water-stressed areas and restoring more water than is consumed when using their products in the metropolitan areas of Los Angeles and Mexico City. The company worked with the World Resources Institute (WRI) Water Program to create these water targets.

“P&G’s water target applies a rigorous analytical approach and complements the other aspects within their comprehensive water stewardship strategy. It adds a first-of-its-kind ambition to address water consumption and offers a roadmap for others to adopt targets in the face of our shared water problems,” said Colin Strong, Corporate Water Stewardship Lead, WRI Aqueduct Program.

Other aims of the projects are to protect ecosystems, replenish groundwater supplies, reduce the amount of water diverted from bodies of water, and improve water quality for communities and wildlife. P&G is also building on existing efforts with this new strategy.

The company today announced six new restoration projects throughout the Bear River basin in Utah and Idaho. This comes in addition to the eight other projects they began supporting in 2020. These projects are expected to restore billions of liters of water by 2030.

“Creating a ripple effect toward a water positive future requires widespread solutions – from manufacturing and product innovations that improve consumers’ lives in a sustainable way to restoring water for nature, wildlife and communities,” said Virginie Helias, Chief Sustainability Officer. “While there will always be more to learn, P&G is dedicated to doing our part to care for our planet, our shared home.”

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