Solar Distinction Inc. Will Build Photovoltaic Manufacturing Plant in Albuquerque

Feb. 9, 2010
The plant will employ 300 within two to three years with a potential of up to 500 thereafter.

Solar Distinction Inc., a New Mexico company, announced on Feb. 9 that would be building a state-of-the-art photovoltaic manufacturing plant in Albuquerque. The plant will employ 300 within two to three years with a potential of up to 500 thereafter.

The company will operate a 25-megawatt solar panel manufacturing plant with plans to expand to 50-megawatts within two years.

It will also base its research and development of solar power generation, storage and end-user applications in New Mexico.

Visible Light Solar Technologies intends to be the first local customer of the newly funded Solar Distinctions' solar panel products. Visible Light Solar will be using the panels produced by Solar Distinction as part of its LED lighting fixtures (new or retrofit) with on-and-off-grid energy optimization solutions.

Visible Light Solar integrates LED lighting devices with on-and-off-grid energy optimization, a smart interface and the option of including solar panels or using solar exclusively. The company said its LED lighting applications operate 50-85% more efficiently than its traditional HID and incandescent counterparts.

"Our order is already in for custom solar panels. Keeping our own carbon footprint low is a big part of our company mission. Once their plant is up and running and our order fulfilled, we will be sourcing local components, supporting the New Mexico economy, reducing shipping costs, and helping revitalize a U.S. manufacturing economy. This is all part of our triple bottom line approach to business," said J. Dee Dennis, Jr. CEO of Visible Light Solar.

Solar Distinction will also sell its photovoltaic technologies to third party companies throughout the Southwestern U.S.

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