Toshiba Establishes U.S. Firm to Promote Nuclear Power Business

March 19, 2008
Company sees opportunity as more utilities announce nuclear power projects.

Across the United States, major utilities are talking about plans to build nuclear power plants to help quench Americans' unending thirst for energy. Seeing opportunity in those talks, Tokyo's Toshiba Corp. announced that it has started a new company in the U.S.

The new firm, Toshiba America Nuclear Energy Corp., will have an office near Washington, D.C. The primary mission of the firm, at least initially, will be to market and promote advanced boiling water nuclear power plants, and to provide support for related services. Toshiba said plans include expanding those operations eventually to provide licensing and engineering support related to nuclear power plant construction.

Toshiba America Nuclear Energy Corp. will begin operations with a staff of about 30, its parent company said.

While nuclear power remains a controversial topic in the U.S., Toshiba positions it as a "cost-efficient, long-term energy source, a powerful tool in the fight against global warming, and an integral part of a future hydrogen economy."

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