HP Announces New Tools to Help Reduce Environmental Impact

May 23, 2008
This program is part of the new HP Eco Solutions program.

HP, on May 22, unveiled a wide-reaching effort to help make it easy for customers to reduce the environmental impact of their imaging and printing. Initiatives include:

  • an enterprise printing assessment service and a carbon calculator that together comprehensively address energy and paper use, related carbon emissions and projected cost savings for optimized printing environments;
  • a global paper policy governing the sustainable manufacture and use of paper HP sells to customers and uses for packaging, collateral and its own office printing;
  • a new HP inkjet printer made almost entirely from recycled materials; and,
  • an HP Eco Highlights label that will help customers identify environmental attributes of a given HP product or service.

This program is part of the new HP Eco Solutions program. "Over the past nine months we've helped several Fortune 500 customers realize up to a 30% reduction in their carbon footprint related to imaging and printing by using a variety of HP tools and services," said Vyomesh Joshi, executive vice president, Imaging and Printing Group, HP.

Furthering its commitment to environmental responsibility in the area of imaging and printing, HP also pledged to:

  • improve the overall energy efficiency of its ink and laser printing products by 40% by 2011;
  • increase the amount of recycled materials used in its inkjet printers by three times by 2010 (relative to 2007);
  • quadruple the number of HP Halo Collaboration Studios at company sites worldwide by 2009, resulting in an expected reduction of more than 20,000 trips and millions of dollars saved in travel annually; and,
  • surpass 250 million cumulative HP inkjet and LaserJet cartridges recycled in 2008, helping the company reach its goal of recovering 2 billion pounds of computing and printing equipment by 2010.

The HP Eco Solutions Program include HP Eco Highlights label which helps customers understand the environmental attributes of a specific product, tool or service as well as the Carbon Footprint Calculator for printing which allows customers to compare the carbon footprint of their existing printer fleet to that of a new, optimized fleet to understand how they can reduce their impact on the environment. Additional features include the HP Eco Printing Assessment which helps assess energy consumption, paper usage and carbon emissions, and recommends ways to use less energy and paper, recycle more and reduce the impact of imaging and printing.

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