Xerox Rolls Out Green Paper

Aug. 8, 2007
New product is result of waste reduction, process improvement

Xerox Corporation recently unveiled a new product -- a mechanical fiber paper for digital printing that it contends uses half as many trees as traditional paper, while lowering the cost to mail printed material.

The Xerox High Yield Business Paper is a mechanical fiber paper that overcomes operational problems, such as curling and dust, which the paper heavyweight says has prevented mechanical fiber papers from being used with digital print devices.

Additionally, Xerox claims that its High Yield Business Paper is made through a "greener" process than standard paper used with digital printers as it uses 90% of the tree (versus only 45% being used to create traditional digital printing paper). Also, the process for the new product requires less water and chemicals and is produced in a plant using hydroelectricity to partially power the pulping process. This process reduces fossil fuel use and results in up to a 75% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions.

The lighter weight makes the new rollout saleable, as it will find use at transactional printers and direct-mail centers seeking to reduce shipping costs. A printer who used a carton of the new paper to print and mail 1,000 5-sheet sets of a document would save $80 in mailing costs because of its lighter weight.

Xerox believes print shops will use it to preprint offset shells for transactional documents like invoices, statements, and direct mail pieces, then use a digital press to add highlight color or personalized information, such as names and regional details, to draw attention to documents. The paper can be used to produce manuals, catalogs and brochures, all key digital print jobs for commercial and in-plant printers.

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