Pratt & Whitney Canada Announces Next Generation Green Engines

June 5, 2007
New combustion technology enables low emissions, high performance

Engine manufacturer Pratt & Whitney Canada (P&WC) recently introduced a line of new-generation engines that are surpassing International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) emissions standards without sacrificing performance. The PW307 engine, which recently entered service on Dassault Aviation's Falcon 7X, currently betters ICAO standards for nitrous oxide (NOx) emissions by 33 per cent and meets Zurich 5 emissions requirements for no landing fee surcharges. This achievement is the result of P&WC's TALON 2 combustion technology that reduces emissions while maintaining performance, durability and operating economics.

A new 10,000-pound-thrust-class engine developed by P&WC for the next generation of large, long-range corporate jets will better current ICAO standards for NOx emissions by 50 per cent and meet the most stringent emissions standards for the next 10 to 15 years. The engine will also offer a step-change in fuel burn compared with current leading engines and is designed for low noise, well below Stage IV standards.

P&WC is investing $1.5 billion Cdn in research and development over the next five years to continue building on its successes.

P&WC is also helping to reduce greenhouse gases by producing the most fuel-efficient engines in the aerospace market through the development of improved engine components and lighter materials. Its research and development work has also resulted in the elimination of hazardous materials in its newest engine models and generated significant improvements in waste, air emissions, and water and energy consumption in both the engine manufacturing and repair processes.

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