GE Unveils World's First Hybrid Locomotive

May 25, 2007
Expands ecomagination program with new products, technologies and services

GE today introduced 11 new ecomagination products, services and projects, including the worlds first hybrid locomotive and the ecomagination Homebuilder Program -- a comprehensive package of energy efficient appliances, lighting, advanced building design and real-time energy management combined with a GE mortgage that rewards energy efficiency.

Launched in May 2005, ecomagination is GE's commitment to imagine and build innovative technologies that help customers address their environmental and financial needs and help GE grow. The new offerings bring GEs portfolio of energy efficient and environmentally advantageous products and services to 45.

Green Transportation

Worlds First Hybrid Locomotive -- With Union Pacific CEO Jim Young, GE unveiled its Evolution Hybrid locomotive to demonstrate the progress that GE's Transportation business is making in developing a freight hybrid locomotive that is capable of recycling thermal energy as stored power in on-board batteries.

Progress Toward Plug-In Vehicles -- GE Energy Financial Services has invested in battery company A123s efforts to develop next-generation battery technology for hybrid electric vehicles and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles.

Green Homes And Mortgages

ecomagination Homebuilder Program -- The first-of-its-kind package of energy-efficient appliances, lighting, advanced building design and GE Commercial Finances first energy-efficient mortgage is an upgrade that will benefit U.S. homebuyers and offer homeowners the GE SmartCommand Dashboard, providing current and historical feedback on electricity and water consumption.

Clean Energy

Doubling Down on Renewables -- GE Energy Financial Services announced it would double its renewable energy investments to $4 billion by 2010. EFSs investments in wind, solar, biomass and geothermal renewable energy has grown from $630 million in 2004 to $2 billion today.

Hydrogen Energy and Carbon Sequestration -- GE and BP are forming a global alliance to jointly develop and deploy a target of 10 to 15 hydrogen power projects that will dramatically reduce emissions of the greenhouse gas carbon dioxide from electricity generation.

Wind Energy for LA -- GE is working with the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power to produce up to 120 megawatts of wind power, helping the Department to meet its aggressive renewable energy goals as part of the city's Renewables Portfolio Standard. The project's estimated annual generation will be enough to meet the requirements of approximately 120,000 Los Angeles residents.

Wiser Energy Usage

High-efficiency Lighting for California and the U.S. -- This new, high-efficiency lighting project will help utilities reduce energy demand -- lowering costs and promoting grid stability in California and across the United States.

Smarter Lighting at Wal-Mart -- Wal-Mart VP Charles Zimmerman announced that more than 500 of Wal-Mart's U.S. stores will be using GE light emitting diodes to illuminate their refrigerated display cases. LEDs offer huge energy savings and will help Wal-Mart cut emissions significantly, and the company is looking to use LEDs at many of its 6,700 worldwide stores.

Reducing Greenhouse Gases

Offsetting Carbon Emissions -- AES Corp. and GE Energy Financial Services today launched a partnership to annually produce 10 million metric tons of greenhouse gas (GHG) offsets by 2010. Projects to capture and destroy GHG emissions will include agricultural waste, landfills, coalmines and wastewater treatment; the partnership would sell offsets from these projects.

Cleaner Water

Drinking Water from the Pacific Ocean -- GE Water & Process Technologies announced today its participation in what will be the largest seawater desalination facility in North America, the Carlsbad Seawater Desalination Plant. GE Water & Process Technologies, Poseidon Resources Corporation, American Water and Acciona Agua have joined together to invest in the final stage of the desalination project to bring a long-term, drought-proof, safe and affordable supply of drinking water to the water-scarce region.

Green Entertainment Production and Information

NBC Universal Goes "Green" -- NBC Universal President and CEO Jeffrey Zucker launched "Get on Board" a companywide program to improve the environmental operations of its operations by reducing greenhouse gases, raising awareness about environmental issues and stimulating change in the media and entertainment industry. He also announced the "iGo Green" channel on From organic food to recycled fashion to eco-friendly home dcor, iGo Green,, will offer female-focused editorial, quick and simple ideas, tools and other features around living the green life.

GEs ecomagination report is available at

As part of its commitment to keep the public informed on ecomagination, GE is encouraging feedback on the report through [email protected].

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