DRI Energy, Fat Spaniel Technologies Partner To Deliver Integrated Solar Solution

May 31, 2007
Smart solar energy systems to combine roofing, photovoltaic and critical monitoring capabilities

Solar energy installation services provider DRI Energy and distributed energy information systems provider Fat Spaniel Technologies recently announced a one-stop solution for builders and building owners seeking the financial and environmental benefits of rooftop solar power.

DRI Energy, a subsidiary of DRI Companies, designs and builds roof integrated solar power systems for commercial and residential roofs. DRI Companies is also is the provider of the Lumeta line of Roof Integrated Photovoltaics, including the Solar S Tile -- the first solar powered version of the popular roofing tile product. By offering Fat Spaniel's metering and monitoring service, DRI Energy adds system monitoring to its comprehensive list of roof integrated solar installation services, which include design, engineering, installation, finance, and rebate administration support.

The Fat Spaniel energy monitoring system provides a simple, accurate web view of solar energy system performance. The data is used by system installers to schedule service visits and optimize the installation for peak performance, and by owners to track and display solar energy generation and usage. Fat Spaniel's revenue-grade third-party monitoring capabilities also deliver reporting capabilities required to take advantage of performance based incentives and emerging carbon and renewable energy credit markets.

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