Manufacturing Road Trip: A Journey Across the US (slideshow)

Oct. 9, 2023
Join us as we celebrate manufacturing in each of the 50 states, starting in Alabama. This is Part 1 of a five-part series.

Manufacturing makes America go. It builds cars, trains and airplanes. It puts tractors in farmers' fields and laptops in the school room. It lights up the dark and cools down the heat. Manufacturing is everywhere. 

As we've done several times in the past, IndustryWeek is embracing October as Manufacturing Month by showcasing products manufactured  in each of the 50 states. And by "manufactured" we include assembly, packaging, all the way to fully integrated manufacturing operations. 

This slideshow starts that celebration. 

The guidelines behind our choices were few: 1. The company had to qualify as a manufacturer by our definition, and 2. the company had to produce manufactured goods in that state (regardless of where the company's headquarters was located, nationally or internationally).

We've done things a little different this year. Instead of creating a single massive slideshow of representing all 50 states, we've broken the project into more manageable chunks: five slideshows, each showcasing 10 states. And, as per usual, we will work through all 50 states alphabetically. 

Let's get started. We kick off this series in Alabama and work our way to Georgia, with eight additional stops along the way. Enjoy the ride. 

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The states and companies featured in this slideshow are:

  • Alabama: Hyundai Motor Manufacturing Alabama
  • Alaska: Alaskan Brewing Co.
  • Arizona: Nikola Corp.
  • Arkansas: Utility Trailer Manufacturing Co.
  • California: Sunsweet Growers Inc.
  • Colorado: Agilent Technologies Inc.
  • Connecticut: Sikorsky, a Lockheed Martin Co.
  • Delaware: Datwyler
  • Florida: Eastern Shipbuilding Group Inc.
  • Georgia: Blue Bird Corp.

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