NAM's Agenda For 2007

Dec. 28, 2006
The focus is on job and economic growth.

The National Association of Manufacturers released its agenda for 2007 which highlights specific areas: security, revitalized infrastructure, fair and competitive tax policy, high-performance workforce, consumer-based healthcare, a level international playing field and legal and regulatory fairness.

The following is an excerpt from the document, Investing In America: The 2007 Agenda for Jobs and Economic Growth. To view the full report visit:


  • Reduce energy intensity through public-private partnership
  • Increase funding for R & D
  • Increase domestic baseload power generation through clean coal, nuclear and renewable sources
  • Develop and expand alternative fossil fuels and biofuels

Revitalized Infrastructure:

  • Deploy innovative technology for low-cost shipping
  • Expand airport capacity, upgrade inland waterways
  • Strengthen cyber security

Fair And Competitive Tax Policy:

  • Reduce federal statutory corporate tax rate to 25%
  • Repeal corporate alternative minimum tax
  • Make R&D tax credit permanent
  • Reduce "double tax" and costly compliance burden on U.S. companies doing business overseas

High-Performance Workforce:

  • Reform visa system to attract and retain global talent in U.S.
  • National emphasis on math, science and engineering
  • Improve workforce training

Consumer-Based Healthcare:

  • Promote health information technology and transparency initiatives to improve care and lower costs
  • Endorse wellness and prevention programs
  • Support health savings accounts

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