Global Institute Of Logistics Partners With ChiLab In Hong Kong To Develop Industry Standards

June 29, 2007
Global Institute of Logistics has joined with Hong Kong-based ChiLab to develop industry standards.

Aided by a training program and educational resources which will lead to certification, the Global Institute of Logistics has joined with Hong Kong-based ChiLab to develop industry standards.

The Global Institute of Logistics is active in promoting the Relationship Orientation in the global supply chain. Relationship Orientation is the means by which the industry can develop integration and visibility across the supply chain and as a result increase time-savings and further squeeze-out costs in the pursuit of efficiency, explains the Institute.

"I share the opinion, held by the industry leaders with whom we have worked so closely, that the certificate will come to be viewed as a very important qualification within the industry. It will acknowledge that the holder has a high skill level in a variety of important areas which will foster good relationships with both customers and other supply chain members," said Bruce Stinson, managing director of ChiLab Ltd. which specializes in the development of cutting edge training strategies and statistical analysis of their impact.

The classes will begin in Hong Kong and Singapore through August-September 2007. The Certification program is expected to be available in other major centers such as the United States and Europe by October.

The Global Institute of Logistics acts as a bridge between the academic world and the world of business, educating the global supply chain community on the latest in academic thinking, while at the same time balancing and correcting the various hypotheses emanating from the academic community with the real experience of early adopters. For more information, visit

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