AeA Pledges To Work With Democratic House

Nov. 8, 2006
Education, R&D tax credit, and visa reform are key issues.

Manufacturing and other business groups will likely make nice-sounding statements during the next few days, saying they will work with the Democratic House of Representatives come January. But few will mean it as much as the AeA, formerly the American Electronics Association.

The association's main interests: improving math and science education, restoring the now lapsed R&D tax credit, and visa reform to allow more high-tech workers to come to the U.S.

"While we have always been bipartisan in dealing with official Washington, we have always found Democrats very receptive to problems and issues of great concern to the high-tech industry," says William T. Archey, AeA's president and CEO. "Many leading Democrats in the new House either come from a district with a number of high-tech companies or are in districts close to those with a concentration of high-tech companies," he notes.

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