Underwriters Laboratories Gets OK from Mexico as Third-Party Product Certification Organization

April 23, 2008
Agreement allows UL to issue NOM mark. Aim is to help manufacturers speed entry into market.

Underwriters Laboratories announced that it has gained accreditation as a third-party product testing and certification provider of the NOM (Normas Oficiales Mexicanas) Mark. The NOM Mark indicates compliance with the Mexican standard and is required for a wide range of product categories. UL says its NOM certification process will help customers gain quicker access to the Mexican market via its one-stop service.

UL, an independent, not-for-profit safety certification organization, reports that it has established subcontracted test data exchange agreements with testing laboratories in Mexico. The agreements allow UL to conduct NOM testing that can be accepted and used to generate a valid test report. "Essentially, products can be tested in the U.S. for multiple marks including the NOM with results verified by a laboratory in Mexico, which means less product shipping, less management and faster time to market," according to Underwriters Laboratories.

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