Improving Trade Compliance, Visibility Creates A Robust Supply Chain

June 8, 2007
Best-in-class companies use compliance automation tool.

The top priorities for global trade management in 2007 are improving trade compliance and global supply chain visibility in an attempt to more effectively manage growing global operations and distribution networks. This was the conclusion of a study done by Aberdeen.

"This study shows that the top strategic action companies plan to take to meet these challenges is to increase their global supply chain agility," said Viktoriya Sadlovska, research analyst at Aberdeen. "Companies are prioritizing visibility technology enhancements and trade compliance initiatives to help them achieve this goal."

Companies that have been most successful in reducing total landed costs and maintaining customer service levels are more likely to have instituted centralized supply chain process and knowledge management, formalized risk and lead time management programs, according to the study.

Some of the research snapshots are:

  • Best-in-class performers are 2.7 times more likely than their peers to be currently using a global supply chain visibility platform.
  • Best-in-class together with Average companies are twice more likely than Laggards to be currently using an export or import compliance automation module as part of their global trade management (GTM) technology platform.
  • Laggards are twice more likely than Average and almost 3 times more likely than Best-in-Class to report that GTM at their companies is still manual/spreadsheet-driven.

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