China's "Chuppies" Are Buying American

Young Chinese consumers likely to buy U.S. products.

We hear plenty about Chinese imports -- the flow of goods manufactured in China and sold into the United States -- but not so much about U.S. exports sold into China. And yet, "China is one of the fastest growing markets for U.S. exports," points out David Abney, president of UPS International.

Research International conducted a survey of 1,200 consumers in six major Chinese cities, and discovered that the most popular "made in America" products in China are DVDs and videos, moisturizer, athletic shoes and blue jeans, and washer-dryers.

Young Chinese urban consumers (aka "Chuppies") are generally more likely to buy U.S. products than older consumers, who tend to have less disposable income.

According to the survey, which was commissioned by UPS, 85% of Chinese consumers indicate that quality is a major factor in what products they buy.

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