Employees Unaware Of Company Strategies

Most employees don't know their companies' overall business strategies and are not engaged in their jobs, according to a recent study by Right Management Consultants, a career transition and organizational consulting firm.

A survey of 336 companies revealed that only one-third of employees are fully engaged and know their employers' missions. The survey shows the main reason employees are disengaged is due to their employers' failure to communicate organizational strategies.

Other findings include:

  • 28% of surveyed organizations limit strategic communications to their leadership teams
  • 24% have not yet communicated business strategies to their employees
  • 15% are uncertain of how to proceed with employee-engagement discussions.

Right Management Consultants recommends employers encourage two-way dialogue between management and employees and ensure that management is fully involved and committed to their jobs.

"Many employees follow the actions and behaviors of their immediate supervisors, so having a fully committed management team is one of the best ways to extend engagement throughout the organization," says Chris Gay, senior vice president and practice leader for employee engagement and communication at Right Management Consultants.

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