The Importance of Strengthening U.S. Manufacturing: Bayer CEO Gregory Babe

Bayer's Gregory Babe discusses the importance of strengthening U.S. manufacturing and what the country must do to regain its leadership in this area. Innovation, sustainability, R&D, world-class operations and new technology development in this country will play key roles in creating a more robust manufacturing sector. However, to have a stronger job market in the United States and to compete in a global environment, it will also be important for the United States to re-examine public-policy priorities and look for ways to expand the economy to support manufacturing.

In This Presentation You Will See

  • "We use to make stuff and now we just put our hands in the other guy's pocket." (in minute 3)

  • A brief look at the how the manufacturing sector is faring (in minute 6)

  • Discussion of global manufacturing -- where the jobs are (in minute 8)

  • "We can't tax our way to prosperity, nor can we wall out our competitors." (in minute 10)

  • A framework to understanding the key elements that the sector needs to prosper (in minute 12)

  • Babe's call to action (in minute 20)

  • Babe's response to a question on how to get your employees involved in political action (in minute 26)

  • Babe's response to a question on vocational education in U.S. (in minute 30)

  • Babe's response to a question on how Germany handles vocational education (in minute 32)

  • and more


About the Speaker

Gregory S. Babe, President and Chief Executive Officer, Bayer Corp. and Bayer MaterialScience LLC

Gregory Babe was appointed president and chief executive officer of Bayer Corp. and senior Bayer representative for the United States and Canada in October 2008. He is responsible for the North American activities of the worldwide Bayer Group, an international health care, nutrition and innovative materials group based in Leverkusen, Germany. In addition, he is the president and CEO of Bayer MaterialScience LLC, a position he has held since July 2004.

Previously, Babe served as president and CEO of Bayer Corporate and Business Services LLC (BCBS) where he was responsible for providing expertise and support in engineering, information systems, procurement, materials management, human resources, financial, accounting and other business services to Bayer Corp. and its affiliates.

Babe joined Bayer in 1976 as an intern in the Polyurethanes Group and has held several management positions of increasing responsibility, including manager of the Brunsbüttel, Germany, facility; director and general manager of Hennecke Machinery, then a unit of Bayer's Polymers Division in Pennsylvania; vice president of corporate quality; and director of a national program to implement Bayer's enterprise resource planning system. He was named senior vice president of information services in 1999, and in 2001, that role was expanded to include the NAFTA region. When Babe was named president and CEO of BCBS, he continued his role as chief information officer.

Babe is the chair of the Bayer Political Action Committee (BAYPAC) and the Bayer USA Foundation. For five years he served as the executive sponsor of the Bayer Diversity Advisory Council. He serves on the American Chemistry Council's (ACC) executive committee and board of directors, and as the executive chair of the ACC's Responsible Care board committee, in addition to being a member of ACC's chemical management and board research committees. He also serves on the National Association of Manufacturers' board of directors and executive committee.


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