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Change Your Attitude About Change, and Embrace it

Change is constant. Change is painful. Even thinking about change can cause a huge stress. Change creates uncertainty. Hence many entrepreneurs think and act accordingly; “better the devil you know than you don’t.”

Whether a global corporation or an SME, too often too many initiatives and improvement measures are not implemented with the determination they need.

This creates frustration, particularly among employees.

In the SMEs I know, I can see a similar pattern: The entrepreneur or an employee launches a really progressive improvement measure. Once the first challenges surface, it is usually the entrepreneur who gets cold feet and doesn’t want to proceed. The initiative dies.

Lack of resolve is the worst enemy of change.

Change creates opportunities. Change keeps us alert. Change makes you meet new people.

Change is life!

If you are thinking of implementing a change in your personal life or in your company, there is only one way to do it: Just do it!  Jump into the wonderful uncertainty and learn to fly.

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