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What You May Have Missed from the IndustryWeek Best Plants Conference

What You May Have Missed from the IndustryWeek Best Plants Conference

Today is my first day back in the office following our annual IndustryWeek Best Plants conference. This year it was held in Greenville, South Carolina, a lovely city.

As usual, the event was interesting, informative, enjoyable -- and frustrating. Interesting and informative because I learn a lot. Enjoyable because I know there is a lot of great content being shared and networking happening between individuals all focused on improving their operations. Frustrating because I never get the opportunity to meet all the speakers, many of whom I have spoken with over the many months that go into planning this annual event.

We have started, but not finished, writing about the conference. Below is a quick compilation of what is available as of the time I write this blog item. More content -- articles, video and photos -- will make their way to our site in the coming days and weeks.

Michelin's Obsession with Quality -- keynote address by Pete Selleck, president and chairman of Michelin North America

Ariens: Seven Skills of a Lean Leader -- keynote address by Dan Ariens, CEO of Ariens

Take Five with Pete Selleck, Michelin -- following his keynote address, Selleck shared a few additional thoughts on leadership with IW's Ginger Christ.

BMW: Leading Sustainable Growth -- keynote address by Rich Morris, vice president of assembly, BMW Manufacturing Co.

Manufacturers Take a Global Approach to Reshoring Decisions -- general session panel discussion featuring Rick Marquardt, senior vice president of global operations at NCR, and Patricia Gaglione, senior vice president of business operations and supply chain at Jarden Corp. The panel was moderated by Harry Moser, founder and president of the Reshoring Initiative.

Toyota Motor's Vision of Visibility Draws Sight-Seekers at IW's Best Plants Conference -- Do you wonder how Toyota, the manufacturing company most frequently cited for its lean practices, uses technology to improve its processes? Tom Andel, editor in chief of IndustryWeek sister media property Material Handling & Logistics, shares what he heard and saw from Toyota's presentation at the IW Best Plants conference.

Needless to say, there is more to come from the the 2013 IW Best Plants conference.

P.S. And on a separate but related note: Don't forget to download your application for the 2013 IndustryWeek Best Plants Awards competition.

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